Post-doc students

Post-docs at Nutrineuro

Post-doc students at NutriNeuro



Rachel Ginieis2

Rachel Ginieis: Effects on chrono nutrition on the memory alterations induced by an obesogenic diet

Serene Bondad

Serene Bondad : Effects of environmental factors on the pro-oxidant properties of epigallocatechin gallate

Quentin leyrolle

Quentin Leyrolle: Impact of bacterial derived metabolites on brain functioning.

Camille Amadieu

Simon Benoit

Simon Benoit: Combined effects of early life stress and diet-induced obesity on depressive morbidity: characterization and mechanisms. Financial support: FRM.

Liam Barry Carroll2

Liam Barry-Carroll : Role of exosomes during cognitive decline. Financement : Région Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Mathilde Chataigner

Mathilde Chataigner : Effets de co-produits marins sur la prévention du déclin cognitif lié à l'âge. Financement : Abyss Ingredients.

Aurélie Ginisty

Aurélie Ginisty : Objectivation pré clinique de nutriments pour la prévention du déclin cognitif lié à l'âge. Financement : PSPC Silver Brain Food.

Camille Mougin

Camille Mougin : Effets de co-produits marins sur la prévention du déclin cognitif lié à l'âge. Financement : Plan de relance Optimyss (Adera).

Julien Catanese

Julien Catanese : Role of dopamine transmission of the medial prefrontal cortex in decision-making. Financement : IReSP-AVIESAN/FRM

Sofia Cussoto

Sofia Cussoto : Mécanismes inflammatoires liant la nutrition à différents aspects de la dépression chez l'Homme. Financement : INRAE.

Eva Ducourneau



Roman Walle

Past Post-doc students at NutriNeuro

Mathieu Di Miceli

Mathieu Di Miceli : Role of DHEA, a DHA-derived endocannabinoid in synaptic plasticity

Moira Rossito

 Moïra Rossito : CONNECT (CONnections entre la Nutrition lipidique périnatale et la trajECToire cognitive) financé par la FRC (Fédération pour la Recherche sur le Cerveau)

Andrea Contini : Impact of omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids ont he functionality of the mesocorticolimbic dopaminergic pathway

Julien Artinian

Ernesto Sanz Arigita

Ernesto Sanz Arigita : Etude en neuroimagerie de l'obésité juvénile (projet Obeteen)

Zoé Husson

Zoé Husson : Food intake, synaptic transmission, mesolimbic and hypothalamic neuronal circuits

Mathilde Henry

Mathilde Henry : Maternal diabetes and neuropsychiatric vulnerability in offspring in a non-obese type 2 diabetic rat model

Pierre Cardinal

Pierre Cardinal : The role of brain IDO in the resistance to Escitalopram Treatment

Andy Greenhalgh

Andrew Greenhalgh : Macrophage control of microglia during brain injury

Lydie Morel

Lydie Morel : Role of microglia in synaptic pruning during development and effects of the PUFAs as immunomodulators

Shauna Parkes


Shauna Parkes: In January 2015, I started a post-doc at NutriNeuro lab under the supervision of Dr Guillaume Ferreira. Our aim is to decipher the complex neuronal circuits involved in the acquisition and behaviors associated to food.

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Clementine Bosch

Clémentine Bosch-Bouju : In 2014 I started a post-doc at NutriNeuro under the supervision of Dr Sophie Layé. The aim is to better understand the role of n-3 PUFA in brain functioning thanks to electrophysiology. She has been recruited in the lab in June 2016.

Marina Romani Perez

In september 2014, Marina Romani Perez started a post-doc under the supervision of Pr. Muriel Darnaudery. the aim is to study the impact of chronic perinatal stress and of perinatal exposition to a palatable diet on food motivation. She left the lab in december 2016.


Marie-Lise Jobin (PhD) worked at NutriNeuro lab in 2015 under the supervision of Dr P. Trifilieff. Her project consisted in the characterization of the effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids on the conformational and pharmacological modifications of the D2 receptor by using biophysics technics (fluorescence anisotropy, PWR) in collaboration with Isabel Alves (CBMN, Bordeaux).

Lin Xia (3)

 Lin XIAworked at NutriNeuro under the supervision of Pr. Muriel DARNAUDRY and in collaboration with Pr. Vassilia Theodorou from TOXALIM lab (INRA, Toulouse), on a project linked to perinatal stress.

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photo vladimir

Volodymyr Bogdanov  worked between 2013 and 2015 under the supervision of Dr Lucile Capuron in a neuroimaging project  on obese patients.

His background and research interests include human and animal neurophysiology and individual differences in perception, emotions and cognition relevant for pathogenesis of different neurological and mental disorders. In particular he worked on migraine research projects in the University of Liege (lab of Dr. Jean Schoenen) and the University of Utah (lab of Dr. KC Brennan).

He defended his PhD in the University of Kiev on the psychophysiology of individual differences in arousal and autonomic activity in healthy volunteers."

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