NutriNeuro (Nutrition and Integrative Neurobiology) is a research unit with more than 80 scientists, clinicians and students trained in Neuroscience and Nutrition, headed by Lucile Capuron since January 2022. Since its creation in 2011, the number of scientists in this unit has grown steadily thanks to its dynamism and attractiveness.

The research programs conducted at NutriNeuro deal with the relations between nutrition and brain to define an optimal nutrition for human to prevent the development of neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases. Researches use integrative approaches, from the cell to behavior and are translational in clinical and preclinical domains. The economic and social benefits are multiple, through the scientific knowledge they generate, as well as through innovations in nutrition and medicine, by defining nutritional or metabolic biomarkers to stratify patients and develop strategies for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention through nutrition.

NutriNeuro is divided in 3 research teams since January 2022: NutriPsy team (leader Lucile Capuron), NutriMind teal (leader Sophie Layé) and Food Circus teal (leader Guillaume Ferreira). NutriPsy aims to have a better knowledge of how nutrition influences mental health by modulating inflammatory processes. NutriMind aims to understand how food-related molecules (nutrient, micronutrients and olfactory molecules) influence brain function and behavior to develop nutritional strategies to prevent or delay cognitive decline in a personalized nutrition setting. Food Circus aims to establish the causal mechanistic links between nutritional status and relevant symptomatic behavioural dimensions by identifying the neural circuits involved and the cellular/molecular mechanisms. Moreover, NutriNeuro has developed a transfer research unit (NutriBrain) to set up partnerships with industries and promote innovation and transfer.Finally, NutriNeuro has developed a unique partnership with Laval University in Quebec City through the International Associated Laboratory (LIA) OptiNutriBrain (leaders Sophie Layé and Frédéric Calon) and an international network (RRI) Food4BrainHealth that brings together research teams of excellence in Nutrition and Neurosciences from INRAE, 5 Canadian universities (Laval, Sherbrooke, Montréal, McGill, Toronto) and 3 French universities (Bordeaux, Dijon and Jouy-en-Josas). This unique device allows the deployment of actions in research, training and transfer in the field of Nutrition and Brain for the development of functional foods and health ingredients for a precision medicine in Neuroscience.

In 2015, NutriNeuro has developed a transfer research unit (NutriBrain) to set up partnerships with industries and promote innovation and transfer for the development of products targeting brain function. 

You can consult the NutriNeuro collection of publications on HAL INRAE and OSKAR by clicking on the links below:



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