NUTRIBRAIN, summer school 2016, 3rd edition

The international Nutribrain summer school, 3rd edition, organized by Sophie Layé (NutriNeuro, INRA, University of Bordeaux) and Richard Bazinet (University of Toronto, Canada), 19 september-7 october 2016 in Bordeaux

This international summer school Nutribrain is organized by Sophie Layé (INRA-University of Bordeaux) and Richard Bazinet (University of Toronto). The purpose of this advanced course will bring both nutritional and neuroscience researches togesther for a 3-week intensive course that will integrate both fields. The advanced course will combine theoritical and proactical training. The school will promote interactions between students and internatinnally reknowed scientists via a lecture series to stimulate students' discussion on lectures and laboratory experiences.

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