International Associated Laboratory OptiNutriBrain


OptiNutriBrainis an International Associated Laboratory created in 2014 by S Layé (Bordeaux) and F Calon (INAF, Université Laval, Québec). Research teams from NutriNeuro and INAF develop in the frame of OptiNutriBrain several research programs, student training and transfer/innovation in Nutrition and Neuroscience. Neurophenol and Neuronalg are two translational projects developed at OptiNutriBrain. 4 joined PhD are currently run in this international lab.

In 2018, we created the International research network Food4BrainHealth(réseau de recherche international, R2I), with 13 partners in France (Bordeaux, Dijon, Jouy en Josas) and Canada (Montréal, Toronto, Sherbrooke and Québec). The aim of this international network is to develop research, training and innovation/transfer international actions to promote a healthy nutrition for the brain, thanks to the competences brought by partners, in the fields of nutrients and sensorial organs and brain, microbiota and gut, metabolism and feeding behavior, and neurobiology of mood and cognitive disorders. 


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