NUTRIBRAIN 2012, 1 st International Summer School

The first International NUTRIBRAIN Summer school organized by NutriNeurO from 3th to 14th september 2012: All comments, pictures and video are available on the website

The international NutriBrain summer school: an innovative event that gathers cutting-edge research in nutrition and neurosciences.
The NutriBrain summer school was organized in Bordeaux, France from Monday, September 3rd to Friday, September 14th, 2012: two weeks where 20 PhD students and post doc researchers had the opportunity to directly interact with renowned scientists and acquire technical experience in these fields.
Three main topics in this first edition:
- Nutrition and obesity
- Cognitive aspects of food intake
- Lipids and brain function

Do not hesitate to visit our website where videos and pictures of this event are now available:

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