NutriPsy: Nutrition and Neuropsychiatric symptom dimensions


Leader: Lucile Capuron, DR1 INRAE

Deputy leader: Marie-Pierre Moisan, DR2 INRAE

Team presentation

The overarching scientific objective of the Nutripsy team is to understand how nutrition can contribute to mental health, and to identify the mechanisms by which nutritional imbalances promote the development of neuropsychiatric symptoms, focusing on inflammatory processes. For this purpose, we propose a translational and integrative research program with the following complementary specific aims: 

i)               to elucidate the mechanisms by which inflammation, in relation to dietary habits, leads to neuropsychiatric symptom dimensions and antidepressant resistance 

ii)              to determine the influence of environmental factors and genetic variants related to inflammation on depressive symptoms and antidepressant response in clinical and preclinical models of nutritional imbalances, 

iii)              to propose innovative personalized treatment strategies through targeted nutritional approaches guided by the clinical, biological/inflammatory, and nutritional profiles of patients. 

This research program represents a critical step toward a precision medicine applied to mental health, in a context where the efficacy of standard treatments remains mitigated.

Research axes

Axe 8: Nutrition and Mental Health

Axe 6: Psychiatric Pathologies


Nathalie Castanon (Chargée de recherche INRAE) 

Muriel Darnaudery (Professeure) 

Sylvie Vancassel (Chargée de recherche INRAE)

Quentin Leyrolle (MCU UB)


Bruno Aouizerate (Professeur Universitaire - Praticien hospitalier) 

Pascal Barat (Professeur Universitaire - Praticien hospitalier) 

Julie Brossaud (Maître de conférences Universitaire - Praticien hospitalier) 

Jean-Benoît Corcuff (Maître de conférences Universitaire - Praticien hospitalier) 

Amandine Ferrière (MDPhD CHU)

Technicians - Engineers

Sandra Dexpert (IE INRAE)

Aline Foury  (IE INRAE)

Jean-Christophe Helbling (IE INRAE)

Eva Bruchet (TR INRAE)


Camille Amadieu

Rachel Ginies

Enrica Montalban

Cassandra Gheorghe


Juliette Montet


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